Our Story

1702london by Martins johnson limited is a London based footwear and athleisure brand, which specializes in leather footwear, clothing, bags and other fashion accessories. The company was founded by  Martins Johnson a grand Master in  Footwear production, and  registered as 1702london by Martins Johnson LTD.

We want to create a community of aspirational people through our passion for Art but most importantly inspire the next generation.

The brand creates unique designs, by intelligently leveraging knowledge of UK urban culture in the global leather Athleisure scene and designs that promote both female and male leather footwear / accessories  choices. The UK is in badly need of a brand that represents us in this industry.  The under representation of UK / Africa  within the global footwear and athleisure industry led to the creation of 1702 London by Martins Johnson Our brand decided to focus on Africa empowerment through design choices.
Our research showed that not enough original designs are created for AFRICA  as a whole or designed for their fashion sense. We believe . From aggressive designs to interesting colourways, unique materials, there’s more to footwear / accessories choices than the boring  colours. Furthermore, we are constantly researching solutions to problems that needs addressing”. And since we don’t hesitate to CHALLENGE THE STATUS QUO, The end product are always Beautiful, functional and fashionable products.

WELCOME TO 1702LONDON BY MARTINS JOHNSON . where you can express your fashion creativity and we bring it to LIVE!!!!!